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Go from money stressed to money confident.

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Money is an uncomfortable topic, and dealing with it can feel overwhelming. To make things more difficult, we are surrounded by a sea of information from Google, Facebook, Youtube, and friends. Because this information doesn't always agree, it can become hard to know where to begin. So what happens next? Well, usually nothing. A year passes, and no improvement in how money and its issues affect your life.  Sound familiar?

Here's the rainbow at the end of the clouds---money doesn't have to be so stressful. You do have to take action and move forward, and you're capable of making this happen. It may mean finding outside advice and guidance along the journey, or you may be comfortable flying solo. The main point is to start.

If you're interested in where to start, please feel free to schedule a chat. We'll talk through your situation, with zero pressure or expectations. I'll do my best to point you in the right direction, whether that means working with me or not. 

I began Crossroads Financial Consulting to work with those looking for outside guidance. I offer a few different options for working together. From my home office in Paducah, KY, I have the ability to serve clients nationwide on a virtual basis.

While my primary focus includes serving self-employed/solopreneurs and medical professionals, feel free to reach out regardless of your situation. Even if I'm not the best fit for you, I can suggest resources that might help along your journey.


You're the boss, but with freedom comes  responsibility. From taking care of taxes to a dream of one day slowing down, you want  confidence that you're headed down the right path.

Medical Professionals

You're making a solid income, but with student loans and the extra time you spent in school to begin a career, you feel behind. You want confidence in knowing you're making the best use of  your income to build a stronger foundation.


Comprehensive Planning- Like a gym membership for your money.  For a set monthly fee, we'll work to get your money in shape and on track for your life, and then keep it there. We'll cover things that can include:

  • Minimizing your tax bill and avoiding nasty surprises at tax time (aka Tax Planning)
  • Correctly completing your tax return (aka Personal Tax Preparation) 
  • Brainstorming on where you'd like to be in 1, 10, or more years down the road. (aka Goal Planning)
  • Making sure you earn more than you spend (aka Budgeting)
  • Crushing your debt (aka Debt Management)
  • Preparing for life's unexpected lemons (aka Insurance Planning)
  • Investing your savings so they can potentially fund your life's goals (aka  Investment Planning)
  • Creating a plan for your spouse, kids, and things should you die (aka Estate Planning)

Prices are based on the complexity (total income, whether you're business owner or employee, etc.) of your situation, and begin at $125/month, with a $500 up-front fee to get things started. 

What to know how the process looks? Here's a typical meeting schedule for Year 1 and after. 

Project Based Planning- Best option if you want one-time help with a specific issue, including items mentioned above. Prices start at $500 and depend on the complexity of your situation.

Investment Management- If you want us to take care of directly managing your investments based on your life goals, then this can be a helpful service. Our annual fees begin at 1% of the account value.

Ben Nanney, CFP®, CPA Photo

Ben Nanney, CFP®, CPA

Owner and Planner
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Starting Crossroads Financial Consulting has been a decade long dream. Before starting the firm, I gained experience working with both accounting and financial planning practices in the Southeast. Along the way, my wife and I worked hard to get our personal finances in order, so I’ve tried to live by the advice I give. I decided to focus on working with the self-employed because I’ve been surrounded by self-employment much of my life. My Dad has been self-employed most of his career, my wife had a successful wedding cake business, and I’ve had a few self-employment gigs over the years (including this firm!).

On a more general note, I believe that time does fly, more money doesn't guarantee more fulfillment, and barbecue smokers make almost any food taste better. I’ve been married to Jessica since 2006, and together we tag-team the parenting of our feisty daughter, Charlotte. I like to camp, eat at Chic-fil-A on busy weeknights, hit the gym (to work off the Chic-fil-A waffle fries), listen to audio books, and hang around friends and family.